For over 20 years, Sanitation Pros has been a leading provider of sanitation services to customers in the food processing industry. We understand how critical food plant sanitation is to the success of your operation and we take contract cleaning quality and safety very seriously. We handle every detail of your sanitation program; from on-site management of nightly cleaning crews to managing and maintaining all appropriate documentation necessary for internal, 3rd party, BRC and USDA (FSA) audits.

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We offer a comprehensive, fast reacting and professional industrial food plant cleaning service and have worked within many different industries including food, agriculture, our reputation as a leader in sanitation based on our people, our programs and our relentless commitment to quality.

We have many years experience of providing professional commercial cleaning to industry – plants and factories.

At SANITATION PROS we carefully adhere to Health and Safety at all times and we work closely with you to ensure all industrial cleaning services provided are carried out to the very highest standards.

We are committed to working to a strict Environmental Policy and can offer highly Green Cleaning Services to all sectors of industry.

  • Contracted Sanitation Cleaning

  • Disassembly and Reassembly of Equipment as part of an overall cleaning program

  • GFSI and other 3rd party Audit Preparation with regards to sanitation programs

  • Deep Cleaning Programs

  • Representation on Client’s Food Safety Teams

  • Cost Reduction Reviews

  • Troubleshooting and Continuous Improvement Solutions


Sanitation Pros provides superior quality cleaning and sanitation service to the food industry where the quality of cleaning and sanitation services are critical to their business. We believe that we need to provide leadership in the protection of health and well being of people all over the world. Our purpose and values will be centered on the continuous improvement of our sanitation service together with our customers to reduce contamination.


Our growth and achievement is based solely on word of mouth, customer recommendations and quality of work.
We do not market or advertise our services.

Tomorrow’s Technology in Sanitation Services, Today.

  • Well recognized and in good standing with CFIA and GFSI (BRC, SQF) auditors

  • We are Tent Steaming Experts!

  • We focus and specialize in food manufacturing plants

  • We are the largest sanitation contractor in Ontario

  • We work with the largest food companies in Canada in a variety of sectors – meat, vegetable, fish, prepared foods giving us exposure to industry best practices

Our People make the difference!


  • Dedicated, long term, full time sanitation personnel

  • Full benefits for employees and their families

  • Competitive pay

  • No temporary workers or agencies used


  • All supervisors have worked their way up from entry level sanitation positions

  • Managers come from diverse backgrounds; Operations, FSQA, Sanitation and combinations thereof

  • Competitive pay

  • No temporary workers or agencies used

We are continuously improving through the utilization of the latest in Sanitation Technologies and providing advanced training to our employees so we can better serve you!

Continuously Improving

  • Internal Audits: regular onsite review of sanitation techniques, seven steps, efficacy, efficiency, health and safety.  Audit reports available at Customer Request.

  • Sanitation Audits: onsite evaluation of equipment sanitary design, swab and visual pre-operational trends, sanitation related infrastructure and regulatory/GFSI/Customer compliance. Audit reports available at Customer Request.

  • GAP Analysis Audits: measuring overall sanitation program against competitors to identify areas of opportunity and implement industry best practice.

  • Investigative Swabbing: completed as part of “Seek and Destroy” activities or as part of continuous improvement based on regular swab data.

Employee Training

  • Theory and onsite training on sanitation principles and techniques including fundamentals in microbiology and impacts of good and bad sanitation

  • Pathogen specific training relevant to facility

  • Chemical handling and safety

  • H&S Training specific to hazards associated with sanitation

  • Sanitation “post-op” inspection requirements: when and how to meet federal and US expectations

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  • Create and Implement Sanitation Programs: written, and onsite programs that meet CFIA, GFSI (BRC, SQF) and Customer Requirements
  • Non-Daily Sanitation Programs: design, execute and, where desired, manage non-daily sanitation program.
  • Deep Cleaning: equipment dismantling (in cooperation with Maintenance teams) and intervention (tent steaming, soaking, cooking, etc.).
  • Measure Success Through Data Analysis: implementation of simple, lean, manageable sanitation related data analysis system to measure efficacy and guide continuous improvement
  • “Seek & Destroy” Programs: execute investigations to find root cause for shelf life improvement and, when necessary, on pathogen source, and make recommendations on corrective and preventive actions
  • Cost Saving Initiatives: review areas of opportunity and make recommendations on chemical and utility usage

  • Cleaning Chemicals: Supply chemicals at a fixed cost to our clients
  • Emergencies & Special Circumstances: Available to address emergency (ex: burst pipes) and special project clean up (ex: construction)
  • Sanitation Program Training: training the fundamentals for plants new to FSEP, GFSI or best in practice requirements
  • Investigation Training: training personnel on how to conduct “seek and destroy” investigations on their own
  • Sanitary Design Training: educating personnel on how equipment design can create hygienic concerns results in poor shelf life and/or pathogen harborage
  • Data Analysis: implementation of simple, lean, manageable sanitation related data analysis system to measure efficacy and guide continuous improvement
  • Non-daily Sanitation & Deep Cleaning: working with the various Customer teams to ensure non-daily sanitation activities are completed as designed
  • Swabbing– Provide guidance on
    • What to swab, when and using what method
    • How to Swab using traditional stick, sponge and ATP swabs
    • Where to Swab to get the most meaningful data on sanitation efficacy


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